Why should you buy your next computer from Armordyne Computer Solutions? Our business model starts with service, customer service, creating friendships and building trust. We care more about taking care of your needs then just selling you a piece of equipment, which is why every PC in our shop is hardware tested to ensure quality from the manufacturer, then a complete reload of the Windows operating system and all necessary software, antivirus and set up needed to make your PC it’s very best. We’re extremely thankful to be in our 12th year of doing this, and obviously we couldn’t do it without you.

The entire staff at Armordyne Computer Solutions wants to extend their sincere gratitude to those in the Ashland community and beyond who have contributed to the success of the business.

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Not able to make the trip for assistance to Armordyne? No problem. We’ll come to you. Armordyne Computer Solutions handles commercial and residential accounts. An Armordyne technician will come to your home or business and either make the necessary repairs there or bring it back the the shop for further analysis and repair. We’ll get your computer back to full health in no time.


Armordyne Computer Solutions truly is Ashland’s “One-Stop Computer Shop”. We carry a large selection of equipment and peripherals that is as large as that of major retailers. One significant difference between Armordyne and big box stores is customers who come to Armordyne will find a dedicated, friendly staff eager to solve problems.

Computers have become and integral part of life. Simple tasks such as checking e-mail and downloading family pictures can be affected by computer speed. The scenario becomes additionally important when your business relies on computers to get the job done. More often than ever, the health of your business – and personal life – relies on the reliability of your computer and network systems. Get the ball rolling with a single phone call to Armordyne. That’s all it takes to get your computer on the road to recovery. The staff at Armordyne is always happy to help!



In need of a new computer, but don't know which brand or model suits you? Your current computer acting up? We would love to hear from you! Message use here or stop in anytime!

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